VolGIS is a new volcano-oriented Geographic Information System for multidisciplinary volcano analysis.


It offers the possibility to analyse, model and visualise different volcano-related available data

in a user-friendly high-resolution visualisation environment.

Someone once asked me:

"Why are you developing another Geographic Information System when others software are available?"



  1. It is open source;

  2. It lets you analise, model and visualise all in one;

  3. It works in a real 3D environment;

  4. It can make 4D analysis and

  5. It is volcano oriented.


At this stage VolGIS is written in Processing, but further implementation may be done using Python and/or OpenGL.

In my plan there would be also as a Web-GIS application. 

The last version is the 2.5, presented at Cities on Volcanoes 10 in Naples, Italy. ​

The features already available are:

 1. Grid subdivision
 2. Earthquakes visualisation
 3. Density analysis
 4. Overlap maps
 5. Isosurfaces
 6. Crop Box for detail analysis



What more?

  • Change coordinate system;

  • The possibility to add "sub-cubes" to analyse specif volume;

  • 4D analysis.

Last update: 05-2020 

Working on:

  • Global extent (basic function automatically extended to all volcanoes);

  • Upload shapefile (*.shp) module. 



The code is not published yet because I am writing the relative paper. 
This demo version is developed using Mt.Etna as a model (paper in review). 

If you want to download it, please send an email to volgis@robertoguardo.eu

© 2020 Roberto Guardo

Translated by me