I am Roberto Guardo

I was born and raised in Catania, Sicily, Italy, Europe, Earth.

I have been being fascinated by earthquakes and volcanoes since I was eight years old, when
I experienced my very first earthquake at school.

I attended both my Bachelor Degree in Geology and my Master of Science in Geophysics at the University of Catania, where I had the chance to study Mt. Etna volcano.

Being also very much interested in computer science, I focused both of my theses on the joint analysis between seismic analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), with a view to perform a 3D image of the volcano’s interior. 




Indeed, due to some difficulties linked to this 3D analysis and visualization, I started to work on the  developement of a new volcano-oriented Geographic Information System (VolGIS).


Later, I improved my Geoinformatics skills attending a few courses at Aalborg University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Following my Danish experience, I moved to Patagonia, Argentina, in order to pursue a

PhD in volcano seismology

(mainly attenuation and scattering tomography)

and to keep working on my “VolGIS” project.

Since October 2019 I started a Youtube channel on which I talk about my passions: seismology, volcanology and geographic information science. 


It is a pop-science oriented channel, its goal is to make these topics easy to understand for everyone. 

The channel is mainly in Italian language but I do not exclude the possibility to do future videos in other languages, such as English or Spanish. 

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Along with my studies, I have a few hobbies which include extreme sports and videogames.

Moreover, I love visiting new countries, learning new languages and discovering new cultures, so I am always ready to live out of a suitcase and travel around the world.

© 2020 Roberto Guardo

Translated by me